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Today’s Video

Today’s video is another funny holiday tribute from JibJab.

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Happy Halloween

Jankenpon wishes you a wonderful Halloween!


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Peggy & Lucy in 2011

Jankenpon is proud to be selected as the exclusive online distributor of The Official Peggy and Lucy 2001 Calendar, which features all original color photos of Peggy and Lucy to help you enjoy 12 months of miniature piebald dachshunds.

To learn more or to request your own copy of The Official Peggy and Lucy 2011 Calendar, go to the Peggy and Lucy page on Jankenpon by clicking here.


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It Gets Better

Today’s video is a 12-minute recording made on 10/7/10 by members of the Broadway and New York theatre community who are responding to the recent tragic suicide of Rutgers University student Tyler Clementi, as well as other young adults and teenagers across the country, who were victims of bullying and peer ridicule.

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Today’s Video

Today’s video is a statement read  by Fort Worth, TX City Councilman Joel Burns during a City Council session on 10/12/10, in response to the recent nationally-publicized suicide deaths of teenagers and young adults as a result of peer bullying.  After four days in circulation on YouTube, the video has already been viewed 1.2 million times.  The 13-minute video is worth watching.

Visit Joel Burns official website by clicking here.

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