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Where are the Feet?

Where are the feet today?

The feet are perched on a wall at the observation platform overlooking the Kilauea caldera and Halemaumau crater in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Island of Hawaii.  The current eruption in Halemaumau, which started 3/12/08, is the first eruption within the crater since 1982.  The plume of smoke shows the area where the vent is spewing gas and sulfur dioxide within the crater.  Unfortunately, as a result of high levels of sulfur dioxide, the nearby viewing platform, and road around the crater rim has temporarily been closed by the National Park Service.  Consequently, the closest viewing position is near Jaggar Museum, where this photo was taken. 

The feet keep moving.  Where are they now?

The feet are shown relaxing after lunch alongside a small stream and waterfall in Kolekole State Park, located along the picturesque Hamakua Coast on the Island of Hawaii.  The stream, which is located below Akaka Falls, empties into the ocean at the State Park.  After venturing closer to the shore, you can get a wonderful view of the rocky shoreline, which is typical of the Hamakua Coast.

 And, now, the feet are resting for a moment.  Where are they?

The feet are resting momentarily on the seawall along Alii Drive in Kailua-Kona on the Island of Hawaii, where there is a great view of Kailua Bay.  (The feet are shown alongside a cherished red lauhala hat, purchased ten years ago at the famous Kealakekua’s Grass Shack, in Kealakeakua, Island of Hawaii, .  The hat is paired with a handmade Hawaiian feather lei, from Aunty Mary Lou’s Na Lima Mili Hulu Noeau, in Kapahulu, Honolulu, HI, where the tradition of Hawaiian feather lei-making was kept alive.  Sadly, this shop is now closed.  Aloha oe.)

And, finally, the feet have gone wandering.  Where are they?

The feet have gone walking on the fine, white-sand Hapuna Beach, a 1/2-mile long beach fronting the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel in Kohala, Island of Hawaii.  The beach has consistently been named one of the best beaches in the USA.  The sand at this beach is clean and super fine– definitely one of the most beautiful locations in Hawaii.

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Where is that Drink?

Where is that drink?

This beautiful martini was served in a well-chilled glass, accompanied by a mini carafe containing the remaining portion of the cocktail nestled in a bed of crushed ice - -perfect.  The cocktail was served shortly after sunset at the Coast Grille at the Hapuna Beach Prince Resort in Kohala, Hawaii.  Photo taken: 6/20/08.

Where is this spicy Bloody Mary?

This fabulously spicy Bloody Mary was served beachside at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel on the Island of Hawaii.  Photo taken: 6/24/08.

Where is that drink, below?

This Mauna Kea Pale Ale, made by the Mehana Bewing Company, of Hilo, Hawaii, was served in the Uncle George’s Lounge in the Volcano House Hotel, where there is a commanding view of the adjacent Kilauea Caldera.  Volcano House is the oldest continously-running hotel in the State of Hawaii and the only hotel located within the famous Volcanoes National Park.  Photo taken: 6/23/08.

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Prince Hotel in Hapuna

I arrived this afternoon at the Hapuna Beach Prince Resort, one of four Prince Resort properties in Hawaii, located on the sunny Kohala Coast of the Island of Hawaii.  The Prince Hotel is undergoing some cosmetic and minor structural repairs in response to the 6.7 magnitude earthquake that struck the Island of Hawaii in October 2006.  Although the hotel is open and operating, some of the public spaces, including the grand open lobby, lobby bar, and two restaurants, are closed while repairs are being made to the property.

 In spite of the construction work and resulting closure of key spaces of the resort, the property is still lovely and commands a wonderful, sweeping view of the ocean, as well as direct access to one of the finest white-sand beaches on the Island of Hawaii.

Room 4814 is located on the lobby-level of the resort and provides lovely views of the ocean and landscaped areas, as shown in the three photos below, taken from the lanai of the room.

The bathrobes in the room displayed the logo of the famous, venerable Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, which is undergoing reconstruction following the large earthquake that struck the Island of Hawaii in October 2006.  The hotel is scheduled to re-open in December 2008, as a luxury property with fewer and larger guest rooms.  The hotel, which originally opened in 1965, was designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill as a Rock Resort, and received an AIA Honor Award for its distinctive (and now emblematic) design.   In 2007, the AIA included the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel on its list of “Top 150″ buildings in the USA.


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Hilton Hawaiian Village

Where are the feet?

The feet are resting comfortably in the afternoon sun on the lanai railing of Room 2220 of the Rainbow Tower at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, in Waikiki, Hawaii.  Photo taken: 6/12/08.




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Where are the Feet?

Where are the feet today?

The feet are relaxing on the grassy area surrounding the beautiful fountain in Kapiolani Park, in Honolulu, with famous Diamond Head in the background. 

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Liliha Seafood Restaurant

With the closure of McCully Chop Suey in Moiliili, I’ve been searching for another restaurant that serves equally fine Oyster Sauce Chicken with Cake Noodles.  Well, I think I found a place– Liliha Seafood Restaurant, located at 1402 Liliha Street, in Honolulu. Their version include a generous portion of roasted chicken, served over cake noodles (which were perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside).  Yum!  Price? $4.50.  Plus, a side dish of choy sum with oyster sauce.

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Maxi Meal at Mini Garden

I made a special visit to Chinatown so I could enjoy lunch at Mini Garden, one of my most beloved restaurants in Honolulu.  I first discovered Mini Garden while walking around Chinatown looking for a place to eat with a co-worker in 1982.  And, they’re still there in the same location, serving the same tasty food, including my favorite– stewed Hong Kong-style noodles, served with roasted duck and choy sum.

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Choi’s Garden

While in Honolulu, I visited Choi’s Garden, a Korean restaurant, located at 1303 Rycroft St.  After reading some very positive reviews on the restaurant, I was eager to try it.  

Several of the reviews mentioned dol sot bi bim bap, which is a mixture of rice, mushrooms, vegetables and an egg, served in a hot stone pot.  It was delicious!  And the array of accompanying Korean side dishes were equally impressive.  Plus, the friendly staff eagerly provided refils of any of the side dishes.  Yum!

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Pub Jankenpon

While driving in Honolulu, I passed Pub Jankenpon, located at 1463 South King Street.  Unfortunately, they were closed at the time; otherwise, I would have stopped in for a quick game of Jankenpon and a tasty and refreshing beverage.

If you visit Pub Jankenpon, let me know about your experience.

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Where is that Drink?

This beautful martini was served with a clever round slice of lemon peel, instead of a conventional twist, and offered with tasty mini potato chips

Served at the House Without a Key lounge and restaurant in the Halekulani Hotel on the beach at Waikiki, Hawaii.  Photo taken: 6/18/08.

 And… where is this drink?  It’s a well-presented martini with a nice twist.

The drink was served at Ryan’s Grill at the Ward Centre in Honolulu, HI– a popular local restaurant which has been serving Honolulu residents for over 20 years. 


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Aloha from beautiful Hawaii!  I’m enjoying some time in Honolulu and Kona and will be providing updates while here.  The weather has been great– mid 80’s and mostly sunny and clear.  So far, no vog (i.e. volcanic smog) from the continuing eruption at Kilauea on the Big Island. 

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Where is that Drink?

This is a cool refreshing martini, served simply in a sturdy, if somewhat less than graceful, martini glass.

This drink was poured at the outdoor bar at Roy’s Waikiki, the chain’s newest location, situated in the Embassy Suites Hotel, which is part of the re-developed Waikiki Beach Walk that extends on Lewers Street, between Kalakaua Avenue and Kalia Road.  The Waikiki Beach Walk includes a mix of hotels (Embassy Suites, Wyndham, Outrigger Reef, and Trump International), restaurants and shops.  Photo taken 6/13/08.

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Lucy is Ready to Go!

Lucy wants to ensure that she doesn’t get left behind on the next road trip; therefore, she is packing herself in the duffel bag and is ready to hit the road!

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Peggy at Harris Ranch

On the return drive from Vegas, Baby to the Bay Area, Peggy and I stopped at Harris Ranch, an oasis in the middle of Coalinga, directly off Interstate 5.  The pet-friendly policy and outstanding accommodations make this hotel one of Peggy’s favorite places. 


In the photo below, Peggy admires the beautifully-landscaped and expansive grounds of Harris Ranch.  The hotel was not particularly busy during our mid-week stay, which helped create a very relaxing and tranquil environment, as well as ensured prompt towel and cocktail service from the Pool Attendant.



Here, Peggy is shown anxiously waiting for beverages to arrive at the patio area outside the Main Lobby.

The friendly Receptionist at Harris Ranch generously upgraded us to a Suite (Room 101) with a separate sitting room and a wonderful view of the large pool and garden.

In the photo below, Peggy is admiring the plush terry robes from Harris Ranch and wondering if it will fit in the suitcase.  (Sadly, the Vagabond Inn in North Bakersfield did not provide any robes.)

As we depart Harris Ranch and continue the drive to the Bay Area, we take notice of the gasoline prices at the Harris Ranch Shell station.  Yikes!  (Of course, these prices will look like a bargain by the Fourth of July!)

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Where is that Drink?

This is a nicely-chilled martini, with a well-cut lemon twist, perched on a beautiful alabaster-colored bar.  Mmm, mmm… good!

The drink was served at the large bar/lounge in the lower lobby of the Red Rock Casino, a (surprisingly) stylish and contemporary casino resort in Summerlin, NV that is attracting a crowd of younger and hipper visitors, in addition to residents in the Summerlin area.  Photo: June, 2008.

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Peggy in Vegas Parks

Peggy’s adventure in Las Vegas continues, with daily trips to the Police Memorial Park in Summerlin, where she is able to visit with other dogs in the off-leash park, or roam around other areas of the large, well-manicured park.

Below, Peggy is quickly surveying the park and looking for doggie pals.

Below, Peggy is taking a stroll along the pathway to the enclosed off-leash park, with separate play areas for small and large dogs.

Finally, Peggy is enjoying a nice view of the entire park, perched on playground equipment.

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Sushi Loca in Vegas

While in Las Vegas (Centennial Hills in Northwest Vegas) check out Sushi Loca, for tasty sushi with a modern, contemporary twist and inventive (and elaborate) sushi combinations.  The restaurant serves lunch and dinner, daily, with seating in large, comfortable booths, tables or at the central sushi bar.  In addition to a large menu of sushi, the restaurant also serves more traditional Japanese fare– teriyaki, sukiyaki, udon and soba.

Today’s tasty lunch included:

- Seaweed salad with radish sprouts
- Cucumber rolls
- Spicy tuna roll
- Spicy soft-shell crab roll

Check out the restaurant’s listing and reviews in Citysearch.

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Peggy Does Vegas

This week Peggy made her return to Las Vegas, Baby, on a nine-day road trip for some well-deserved rest and relaxation in the desert.  The journey to Vegas takes Peggy through the central corridor on Interstate 5, with an overnight stay at the pet-friendly and convenient (but “somewhat less-than-luxurious”, says Peggy) Vagabond Inn in North Bakersfield.  (Peggy’s comments on the accommodations include: “no room service, no plush terry robes, no doggie amenity kit, no doggie bowls, no iPod player, no flat-panel TV, and no DVD player; fortunately, however, there is free wi-fi.”)

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Where is that Drink?

Where is that Bloody Mary?

This delicious and spicy Bloody Mary is from the Quattro Restaurant at the Four Seasons Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, CA, March, 2008.

Quattro is a terrific setting for a delicious meal– breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner.  The dining room is spacious and airy, with handsome contemporary furnishings and artwork, including four magnificent etched glass pieces (shown in photo above).  During warm weather, tables are available for outdoor patio seating, too.  Also check out the comfy lounge/bar adjoining the dining room.

Where is that Martini?

This martini was served perfectly-chilled in a beautiful cocktail glass at C2 Steak & Seafood at Cache Creek Casino and Resort, Brooks, CA, April, 2008.

Check out the Cache Creek Resort for tastefully-appointed, modern, and spacious guest rooms, large full-service casino, and live entertainment from touring artists, including Pinoy star Lea Salonga, the Tony-award winning actress from Miss Saigon and singing voice of Disney animated characters Jasmine (from Alladin) and Mulan.

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Today’s Quote

Yes, I’d like a cheeseburger, please, large fries and a cosmopolitan.

     —Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and The City, HBO

Quote provided in honor of $55 million (domestic) opening weekend of the Sex and City Movie, New Line Cinema, 2008

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