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2012 Calendars Now Available

Peggy and Lucy are pleased to announce the arrival of the much-anticipated “The Official Peggy and Lucy 2012 Calendar,” featuring color photos of Peggy and Lucy in spiral-bound wall calenders, measuring 9″ X 11″.  This year’s calendar features a beautiful selection of photos of these two famous dachshunds in locations across California.

To order your own copy of the Calendar, click on the Contact tab and provide your name and email address so you can receive more information about online orders.  Calendars are $21.99, each, including USPS Priority Mail shipping to any USA address.  Allow 10 days for delivery.  Please inquire about discounts for orders of 10 or more.

Order early in order to avoid disappointment, since quantities are limited.


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Peggy & Lucy in 2011

Jankenpon is proud to be selected as the exclusive online distributor of The Official Peggy and Lucy 2001 Calendar, which features all original color photos of Peggy and Lucy to help you enjoy 12 months of miniature piebald dachshunds.

To learn more or to request your own copy of The Official Peggy and Lucy 2011 Calendar, go to the Peggy and Lucy page on Jankenpon by clicking here.


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Holiday Girls

Peggy and Lucy wish everyone a festive holiday season!  The girls are ready to party!


Peggy (left) and Lucy (right) are dressed and ready for their next holiday party!

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Peggy at Seven


Happy Birthday to Peggy, who turns seven years old today.   On this day in 2002, Peggy was born at Reid Ranch Miniature Dachshunds in Lancaster, CA.



After seven years, Peggy is still so wonderfully Peggy-licious!

Photo Credit: Lisa DeNeffe Photography


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Happy Haunting!

Peggy and Lucy send their best wishes for a Happy Halloween!



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2010 Calendar

It’s finally here!  The Official Peggy & Lucy 2010 Calendar is now available.  The wall calendar features 12 months of Peggy and Lucy with exclusive, seasonal, full-color 8″ X 10″ photos of your favorite miniature dachshunds– Peggy and Lucy.

Don’t accept any substitutes– get the official Calendar, available exclusively from Jankenpon, for $19.99 each, including shipping and handling.  Click on the “Contact” tab, fill in the information, and you’ll receive an email reply with additional details.


Above:  The cover photo of the much-anticipated Official Peggy & Lucy 2010 Calendar, available now.  Below: A recent photo of Peggy and Lucy which was not available in time for inclusion in the 2010 Calendar.


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Missy Peggy on FB

The famous Peggy, also known as Missy Peggy and Peggy-licious, is now on Facebook!  Become one of Peggy’s friends on Facebook and stay up-to-date on her activities and latest words of doggy wisdom.  You can find her listed under “Missy Peggy.”



To go to Facebook and to connect with Missy Peggy, click here.

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National Dog Day


Today is August 26 and it is National Dog Day, a day dedicated to honoring the nation’s dogs and to focusing attention on the ongoing need to rescue dogs from homelessness and abuse.

According to Colleen Paige, author, pet activist and founder, “National Dog Day serves to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, and acknowledges family dogs and dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort. Dogs put their lives on the line every day - for their law enforcement partner, for their blind companion, for a child who is disabled, for our freedom and safety by detecting bombs and drugs and pulling victims of tragedy from wreckage, saving their lives and often grieving the dead and dying they cannot save. ”


Above:  Peggy (rear) and Lucy (front) salute National Dog Day– August 26.

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Farewell, Mendocino

Peggy and Lucy both had a wonderful stay in Mendocino; however, the time has come for them to say farewell to their many new friends and admirers and to get back on Highway 1 and US 101 for the ride home.  Before leaving, Peggy and Lucy take one last pause to admire the stunning view from the bluff opposite the historic Mendocino Hotel on Main Street in Downtown Mendocino.


Above: Peggy and Lucy are enjoying the dramatic view (and gusty winds) on the cliffs overlooking the waters surrounding Downtown Mendocino.


To plan your next visit to Mendocino, CA or to learn more about Mendocino County, go to the Mendocino County Official Travel Website by clicking here.


Photo taken: 7/26/09

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Auberge Mendocino


While in Mendocino, CA, Peggy and Lucy are staying as guests at the pet-friendly Auberge Mendocino, a bed-and-breakfast inn located off Highway 1, near Big River on California’s scenic Mendocino Coast.  Auberge Mendocino features 12 guest rooms in several small buildings clustered on a lovely grass-covered property on a cliff above Mendocino’s dramatic, rugged coastline.  Most of the guest rooms and suites include wood-burning fireplaces and some units have their own private deck.  Guests enjoy a delicious breakfast of fresh fruits, juices, bacon/mushroom quiche, toast and coffee served in the main building.

Most rooms have complimentary wireless Internet access and three rooms are designated as “pet-friendly.”



Above:  Peggy and Lucy were guests in the Merlot Room, one of three guest rooms at Auberge Mendocino that are specifically designated for pets and their owners.  Below:  A view of the charming Merlot Room, with a wood-burning fireplace and deck overlooking the garden.



Above:  A view of the modern and handicapped-accessible bathroom in the Merlot guest room.  Below:  A partial view of the comfortable sitting area provided for guests in the small building that houses the Merlot room and two other guest rooms.  This shared space is made available for reading, lounging and relaxing.



Above:  A view of the side entrance to the Merlot Room, which can be accessed via the main entrance of the building or via this private deck.  Below:  A view of the comfortable deck for the Merlot Room at Auberge Mendocino, which is the perfect setting for morning coffee or an evening cocktail or glass of wine.



Above:  A view of the charming landscaped garden outside the Merlot room at Auberge Mendocino.  Below:  Peggy (left) and Lucy are relaxing in the comfort of their room at Auberge Mendocino after a long and tiring outing at the beach.  


To learn more about Auberge Mendocino or to make reservations for a stay in one of their guest rooms, go to their official website by clicking here.


Photos taken: 7/26/09

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In Mendocino


Peggy and Lucy decided it was time for a weekend getaway– and what’s a better place for a getaway than Northern California’s beautiful Mendocino coast?  So, it’s off to Mendocino and a stroll along the sandy beach about 1/2 mile from the mouth of Big River.


Above: Peggy and Lucy take in the sights on the beach near Big River.  Below:  Lucy dashes off to explore the coastline.



Above: Peggy (left) and Lucy are busy exploring among the fallen tress on the beach at Mendocino.  Below:  Lucy pauses to admire the view of the coastline, next to a rock pile left by a previous visitor.



Above:  Lucy races across the beach at Mendocino.  Below:  Peggy is keeping a watchful eye on the activities along the beach at Mendocino.



Above:  After romping around the beach at Mendocino, Peggy (left) and Lucy are ready for their mid-morning nap.  Below:  The quiet beach was located about 1/2 mile from the mouth of Big River, just off Highway 1, in Mendocino.


To plan your next visit to Mendocino, CA or to learn more about Mendocino County, go to the Mendocino County Official Travel Website by clicking here.


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Lucy Turns Five

Happy Birthday to Lucy, who turns five years old today! 




You’re looking good, Lucy!   Truly Lucy-luscious!

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At Half Moon Bay

Peggy and Lucy took an afternoon outing this past weekend, in the now-famous Peggy-and-Lucy-Mobile, to scenic and dog-friendly Half Moon Bay, a coastal town (population 12,000) located about 25 miles South of San Francisco, in San Mateo County, CA.


While at Half Moon Bay, Peggy and Lucy were able to explore the sandy beach off-leash and with remarkably few intruders (except a few folks on horseback and a small wedding party, complete with bride in gown).  In spite of the rather cold, damp weather, Peggy and Lucy had a great time dashing around on the beach.


Above:  After the short walk from the cliffs to the beach, Peggy (left) and Lucy make a dash for the water’s edge.  Below:  Lucy (right) is surveying the scene along the beach as the high winds lift her ears.



Above:  Peggy and Lucy continue their exploration along the quiet beach at Half Moon Bay.  Below:  Lucy is thoroughly enjoying her romp on the beach. 



Above:  Lucy says goodbye to Half Moon Bay from the cliffs above the beach.  Below:  The fields around Half Moon Bay were green and full of wild flowers following the heavy rains that battered Northern California earlier this month.


Peggy and Lucy give “four paws up” to Half Moon Bay!

To view a map of Half Moon Bay via Google Maps, click here

To learn more bout Half Moon Bay and the surrounding area, visit the official Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau website by clicking here.

If you want to view previous posts on the adventures of Peggy and Lucy, click here.

Photos taken: 3/14/09

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Singin’ in the Rain

As storms continue to batter Northern California this week, it’s welcome news for a state that has been hit hard by a long drought and falling water levels in reservoirs.  However, for Peggy (right) and Lucy, shown below, the rain and wet ground is no cause for singing.   For Peggy in particular, wet grass and rain is the equivalent of Kryptonite– there’s just no need to go near it! 


Above:  Lucy (left) and Peggy, shown in their favorite red raincoats,  have returned from a walk in the neighborhood and just before the next downpour.  Below:   The outlook for the next few days is more rain and wind. 


To go to previous entries in the “Peggy and Lucy” category, click here.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Wald, Pawsitive Pet Sitting

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At Morro Rock

One of the highlights of the recent trip to Cambria and the San Luis Obispo coastline was a morning stop at the Morro Rock State Historic Preserve.  Morro Rock is one of “The Nine Sisters of San Luis Obispo County,” also known as the Morros–a unique set of land formations between the city of Morro Bay and the City of San Luis Obispo.  

The Nine Sisters are a series of ancient volcanic peaks which form a backdrop for the Cities of San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay on the Central Coast of California.  Forming a divider between the Los Osos Valley and Chorro Valley, these peaks extend from Islay Hill within the City of San Luis Obispo to Morro Rock, often called the sentinel of the Pacific Ocean, covering approximately 40 square miles. The peaks are aptly named the Nine Sisters because they are all in a row, and in close proximity.

Tucked away on the side of Morro Rock is a small, man-made white-sand beach that is sheltered from the Bay by large boulders and rocks.  The small beach is an excellent spot for wading or relaxing and to view Morro Rock up-close.  On the day of Peggy and Lucy’s visit, the beach was largely deserted, which allowed them to experience the beach off-leash and without disturbance.  The high winds occasionally whipped up clouds of sand, but it did not deter Peggy or Lucy from enjoying the beauty and solitude of the beach. 

Above:  The plaque identifying Morro Rock as a California Registered Historic Landmark.  Below:  The imposing profile of Morro Rock provides a dramatic and stunning landmark for Morro Bay. 

Above:  Lucy (left) and Peggy wander along the quiet, small sandy beach at the base of Morro Rock. 

Above:  The high winds lift Peggy’s ears as she gazes across the beach at Morro Rock.  She’s likely wondering if she will be able to take flight like Dumbo (pictured below) and get an even more spectacular aerial view of beautiful Morro Rock. 

To view a previous post where Lucy tries to take flight in Mendocino, click here.

To learn more about the Morro Rock State Preserve, visit the official California State Parks website by clicking here.  To visit the official website of the City of Morro Bay, click here.


Photos taken: 1/30/09

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Back to Cambria

Last week, I made a return visit to beautiful Moonstone Beach in Cambria, CA for a brief mid-week getaway with Peggy and Lucy in tow.  During our stay, we were return guests at the charming and pet-friendly Fog Catcher Inn, which is ideally situated along picturesque Moonstone Beach.  The weather was perfect– mid-60’s, sunny and clear during the day, and mid-40’s during the evenings.  The Fog Catcher Inn is an excellent beachside option in Cambria– comfortable and stylish room accommodations with fireplaces, reasonable prices, friendly service, complimentary breakfast, pet-welcome policy, and direct access to beautiful Moonstone Beach.

Above:  A nice welcome to beautiful Cambria.  Below:  Upon arrival, Peggy surveys the nicely-landscaped grounds of the beachside Fog Catcher Inn along Moonstone Beach in Cambria. 

Above:  Entrance to pet-friendly Room 103 at the Fog Catcher Inn.  Below:  Peggy and Lucy get their first glimpse of beautiful Moonstone Beach.

Above:  Peggy takes in the glory of Moonstone Beach perched on a fallen tree.  Nice.  Below:  Meanwhile, Lucy gazes into the blue waters along Moonstone Beach.

Above:  As sunset approaches, Peggy grabs another great view of Moonstone beach along the boardwalk.  Below:  Peggy and Lucy are quietly surveying the vast expanse of Moonstone Beach.

Above: Peggy and Lucy are taking in the glory of a beautiful sunset at Moonstone Beach.  Below:  The sun finally sets on another wonderful day in Cambria, CA.

To learn more about Cambria, visit the official website of the City of Cambria by clicking here.  To visit the Cambria Chamber of Commerce website, click here.

Photos taken: 1/29/09 to 1/30/09

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Happy New Year

It’s January 1st– New Year’s Day!  Happy 2009 to all.  And here’s wishing you the best in 2009– good health, happiness and peace. 

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and days of auld lang syne?
For auld lang syne, my dear,
for auld lang syne,
we’ll take a cup of kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and days of auld lang syne?
And here’s a hand, my trusty friend
And gie’s a hand o’ thine
We’ll tak’ a cup o’ kindness yet
For auld lang syne


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Happy Holidays

The 2008 holiday season is underway and Peggy and Lucy are busy with their annual holiday decorating and gift-shopping.  Below, Peggy (left) and Lucy, wearing their stylish holiday scarves,  take a brief pause from a hectic afternoon of decorating activities to send their best wishes to you.

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Doxies for Obama

With six days left before the November 4th election, Peggy and Lucy have decided (after much consideration and reflection) to officially endorse Barack Obana for President.  Following their much-anticipated announcement, Peggy and Lucy joined the Doxies for Obama coalition and received their official button (see below).

Above:  Lucy (left) and Peggy are pictured watching CNN for the latest poll results on the Presidential campaign.


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Inside the Sleeping Bag

At first glance, this doggy sleeping bag appears empty, except for the tip of a nose protruding from the opening…

However, upon closer inspection, we can find Peggy and Lucy inside the same sleeping bag…


They were layered on top of each other, in criss-cross directions… taking a mid-morning nap…

Photos taken: 10/4/08

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Halloween is Coming!

Fall is here and Halloween is coming.  Peggy (left) and Lucy are getting ready for some serious trick-or-treating at Halloween!  Bring on the treats!

Photo taken: 10/16/08
Credits: Animation by Graphics Arcade

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Pleasant Hill Festival

Last weekend Peggy and Lucy joined the fun and frolic at the annual Pleasant Hill Art, Jazz and Wine Festival, held in Downtown Pleasant Hill, CA.  The festival features art and handcrafts, live music, wine tasting from Bay area wineries, and food from local eateries.  Most of all, it provides Peggy and Lucy with an opportunity to socialize with their many fans.   The two comments they hear most often are: (1) “I’ve never seen a dachshund with those colors and pattern!”, and (2) “Are they sisters?”


Above: Peggy (Left) and Lucy survey the scene in Downtown Pleasant Hill.  Below:  The owner and mascot of a dog accessories and apparel booth invite Peggy and Lucy to do some shopping for their fall wardrobe.

Below:  Peggy and Lucy are anxious to explore other areas of the street festival, following a brief (but enjoyable!) stop at the Nibblers booth for “premium” wine tasting.  Nibblers is a stylish neighborhood eatery/wine room, located at 1922 Oak Park Blvd, in Pleasant Hill, with a large wine list (by the glass and bottle) and an impressive, continuously-changing menu of small plates, focused around different themes and regional cooking styles.  Check it out!

The highlight of the festival was the opportunity for Peggy to meet Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, who (apparently) took time from her busy media interview schedule to build support among the many wine drinkers at the street fair.

But.. oops, Peggy noticed that Governor Palin apparently stepped in some doggy poop while meeting folks in Pleasant Hill.  Fortunately, upon closer inspection, Peggy was able to confirm that the dog responsible for the poop belonged to a Republican voter, so at least Governor Palin was able to step in Republican poop and not Democratic poop.  As Governor Palin would say, “Golly, gosh, gee, heck, darn…” 


Photo taken: 10/4/08.

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The Peggy-and-Lucy-Mobile is on the road!  Yesterday, Peggy and Lucy were able to take their first major outing in the Peggy-and-Lucy-Mobile (which previously was known as a Volkswagen Eurovan).  The P&LMobile is the official vehicle for Peggy and Lucy, and will be used to transport them to key events and activities across California (and beyond!).

Although the P&L Mobile does not have a lot of advanced gadgetry or high-tech accessories, it is still quite similar to other vechicles in the same category– the Batmobile and the PopeMobile, both shown below.

In the photo below, Peggy and Lucy are inspecting the interior rear seat of the P&LMobile.

And, here, Peggy and Lucy’s official P&LMobile driver is taking a break and enjoying a snack in the spacious interior cabin of the P&LMobile.

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Lucy is Ready to Go!

Lucy wants to ensure that she doesn’t get left behind on the next road trip; therefore, she is packing herself in the duffel bag and is ready to hit the road!

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Peggy in Vegas Parks

Peggy’s adventure in Las Vegas continues, with daily trips to the Police Memorial Park in Summerlin, where she is able to visit with other dogs in the off-leash park, or roam around other areas of the large, well-manicured park.

Below, Peggy is quickly surveying the park and looking for doggie pals.

Below, Peggy is taking a stroll along the pathway to the enclosed off-leash park, with separate play areas for small and large dogs.

Finally, Peggy is enjoying a nice view of the entire park, perched on playground equipment.

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Peggy Does Vegas

This week Peggy made her return to Las Vegas, Baby, on a nine-day road trip for some well-deserved rest and relaxation in the desert.  The journey to Vegas takes Peggy through the central corridor on Interstate 5, with an overnight stay at the pet-friendly and convenient (but “somewhat less-than-luxurious”, says Peggy) Vagabond Inn in North Bakersfield.  (Peggy’s comments on the accommodations include: “no room service, no plush terry robes, no doggie amenity kit, no doggie bowls, no iPod player, no flat-panel TV, and no DVD player; fortunately, however, there is free wi-fi.”)

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Lucy Goes to Napa

Lucy took a road trip this week to Napa for a stay at the pet-friendly Napa River Inn, a charming boutique hotel situated along the peaceful Napa River. 

Lucy got settled in Room 101 located in the Embarcadero Building, which is one of three buildings on the property. 

The hotel kindly outfitted the room with a wonderful amenity basket for Lucy– complete with welcome letter from the General Manager, food and water bowls, placemat, dog blanket, healthy treats, and doggie bags.  In the photo below, Lucy admires the amenities from Napa River Inn.

In the afternoon, Lucy took a stroll on the walkway around the perimeter of the hotel property in order to admire the sensational view of the Napa River.

As part of her afternoon of retail therapy, Lucy picked up a new furry toy from Vineyard Dog, a stylish pet boutique in Downtown Napa. In the photo below, Lucy is checking out her new toy back at the hotel room.

After touring through Calistoga, Yountville and Napa, Lucy took a break at a small park in St. Helena.  In the photo below, Lucy is surveying the park from one of the tables and admiring the natural beauty of Wine Country.  Aaaahh…

After a full day, Lucy and I headed to Angele, an intimate restaurant located on the grounds of the Napa River Inn, specializing in Provencal cuisine.  Here, Lucy is waiting patiently for her server while seated at one of the outdoor tables that provide a pleasant view of the river.  It’s a great place to enjoy a meal and to admire the last bit of sunshine for the day.

And, patience finally paid off when beverages (and food, too, of course) arrive at the table.  Mmm…. that beverage sure looks tasty and refreshing!

After a restful sleep, Lucy was ready to depart the Napa River Inn, but not before taking a final look around the property, including this up-close inspection of one of the handsomely pruned potted topiaries outside the hotel room.

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Animals on Broadway

The Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF), founded by baseball manager Tony La Russa and his wife, Elaine, in 1991, sponsored the 8th Annual Animals on Broadway event in downtown Walnut Creek on 5/18/08.  The day-long festival included contests, dog washes, entertainment, and dozens of booths from retailers and other firms serving the pet industry.  Although it was a hot day (around 90-degrees), there was a large, enthusiastic crowd– and lots and lots of dogs.  Plus, there were plenty of complimentary doggie treats and samples of different dog foods from the booths.  Who could ask for anything more?

Lucy and Peggy are busy trying to decide which booths to visit at the Animals on Broadway celebration.

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Two Bugs in a Rug

Snug as two bugs in a rug.  Well, actually, it’s two dogs in a sleeping bag.  Here are Peggy and Lucy, snuggling in their sleeping bag, this morning.

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Peggy Does Cambria

In February, Peggy took a mid-week road trip to picturesque Moonstone Beach in Cambria, CA.  We stayed at the Fog Catcher Inn, a small pet-friendly hotel, located directly opposite Moonstone Beach.  The Inn features large rooms with beamed-ceilings and fireplaces. 

The Inn is just a few steps away from famous Moonstone Beach.  Get more information about the charming Fog Catcher Inn at

Above, and below, Peggy checks out the boardwalk along Moonstone Beach.

We traveled a few miles South to see beautiful Morro Bay and to get a close-up view of Morro Rock.

At the foot of Morro Rock, tucked away out of view, is a large secluded sandy beach, where Peggy was able to run in the sand.

Peggy highly recommends Morro Bay and the coastal area around Cambria.  Get more information about Morro Bay at  For more information about Cambria, go to

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