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Top 10 Foods

Although this list changes periodically, here are my TOP 10 FAVORITE THINGS TO EAT, in no particular order:

*  Tenzaru soba (cold buckwheat noodles served with dipping sauce and shrimp tempura)
*  Banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches made with french-style bread and filled with pickled carrots and turnips, cucumber, cilantro and chicken)
*  Chicken lau lau (steamed Hawaiian-style chicken and fish wrapped in taro leaves)
*  Caprese con Mozzarella di Bufala (Mozzarella, tomato and basil)
*  Hazelnut gelato
*  Shrimp etouffee
*  Oden (simmered vegetables, fishcake, eggs, and other ingredients in a broth, typically sold in the wintertime)
*  Cioppino (seafood stew)
*  Chirashi sushi (chef’s selection of sashimi served over sushi rice)
*  Har gow (as well as other types of dim sum)
*  Stone crab
*  Boiled peanuts
*  Fish and chips

Okay, I snuck in a few additional items.


If you had to pick just ten things to eat, what would you include on your list?

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Four Food Groups

Given all media attention around the current national epidemic of obsesity, I thought it would be helpful to share the “four primary food groups” that were passed along to me some years ago as the critical foundation for a balanced, happy diet– Sugar, Fat, Salt and Alcohol.


So… check your daily eating habits to ensure that you’re getting a sufficient supply of these four “pillars” to a satisfying diet and a happy life.  When in doubt regarding proper proportions (among the four food groups), simply increase the amount of alcohol.

And, you can forget everything you were told about that silly food pyramid, shown below.

Four Food Groups courtesy of Colin Correa, Friend and freelance Nutrition Consultant

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Rub it On

This is a tasty rub that works well on chicken and other foods– brought to you by the folks at Made in Napa Valley, who also have a great selection of other products, such as sauces, marinades, tapenades and mustards.  Great for your own summer grilling or a terrific gift idea.

The rub retails for around $6 and is available from specialty food stores or the Made in Napa Valley website.

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